LizellaLife…What’s that?

LizellaLife starts when you plug in, whether online or onsite.  As you feel comfortable, you may wish to delve in a little deeper…every age group has both large gathering and small group opportunities.  You’ll find a deeper sense of family and companionship by participating in both a large gathering and a small group of your peers.    Learn more here.  When you’re ready, jump in and serve!  Text keyword VOLUNTEER to 478.935.8632 for a quick link to select ministry interests & opportunities.  We have a place for you in ministry, and if God brings you to us, then He has a purpose in mind for you to bring Him glory!   You will find no greater joy than fulfilling His will for your life by serving Him with other believers!
Watch stories of transformation from others who have found Jesus and plugged into His power!  Click here.
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Additionally, we offer Membership Matters short courses regularly…this is basically luncheon & class time to find out more about us…you’ll meet the pastor, staff and other guests in an informal atmosphere.  Our pastor will answer questions you might have and explain a little more about who we are and why we do what we do.   Next session…Sign up!