OneWay.   it’s transformational.   And, it works, when You come.

Wednesdays weekly at 6 PM (join us for family supper at 5 if you like…visit the Reservations Page to reserve plates) in the Bldg. C Worship Center.  KidsLife & StudentLife activities are provided, as well.
We would love for you to come.  We all have hurts, hang ups and habits we’d rather not have.  Some it seems are constantly beating us up.  No matter your struggle or challenge, the solution is the same.  The power is not in us, it’s in the Holy Spirit.  We believe that true freedom is the goal, not sobriety, following the rules, or just ‘acting right’.   These reflect behavior and actions alone while true freedom accompanies healing in your heart and soul.  Finding freedom from bondage means finding and correcting the root cause of pain that is masked by your binding behaviors.  Without true healing, one of two things will occur:  relapse or substitute addiction.  These are not progress.  We want healing for you!
OneWay is divided into three segments weekly:

 Talk 1  (6-6:30)

 Talk 2 (6:35-7:10)

Talk 3 (7:15-7:45)

 We talk to God through prayer and testimony.  We also have a short live worship set of praise!
We talk to each other in small groups.    The first week, you will attend a “New Members” session.  The second week, you will be given your small group. *
We listen to God through a guest message that applies to that week’s ONEWAY principle.  
*NOTE:  This time in Talk 2 is for reviewing your week’s ‘challenge’ activities.  It’s not confession time, per se.   As in, we don’t all stand up and say, “Hi.  I’m _______ and I’m an addict.”  You. Are. A. HUMAN.  One fearfully and wonderfully made.  Maybe you have a struggle or two.  We all do.   Jesus said, ‘in this world, you will have trouble…but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’  Thankfully, He is for you.  So share if you like.  Don’t if you don’t.  If the Spirit is leading you to share, then by all means do, but we won’t pressure you to do so.