LBC Recreation has activities going on year round to encourage great fellowship, sportsmanship and kinmanship in the church.  Come.  It’s fun for the whole family!

register for upward fall soccer.  DOWNLOAD registration form.

We typically attend Faith Day with the Macon Bacon….stay tuned for details on this year’s game.
Men’s & CoEd Softball teams play other church teams during the summer…both competitive and fun!
Upward Sports has several leagues and activities throughout the year.  Soccer league is coming up in the fall.  Stay tuned!
The Pat McCarty Memorial Pickleball Court has been an incredible blessing to our church family.   So named in honor of Mrs. Pat, who was always up for some good fun and full of smiles and laughter.
Join us for pick up games in good weather or call the church office for to reserve a time for a complimentary lesson out at Pirkle Park!
Pirkle Park was dedicated in 2020 in honor of Johnny and Sharon Pirkle, whose care and dedication has blessed hundreds of children with the love of Jesus.
Offering soccer fields, a pickleball court,
walking track and two playgrounds, Pirkle
Park is our gift to the Lizella community.
Pirkle Park also offers shaded benches for parents and two picnic pavilions.  We
currently do not reserve these.  If they are not in use, you are welcome to enjoy them at your leisure.
We do ask that you please put any garbage in trash receptacles provided to keep the park clean for others.