Everyone worships.  The Aztecs worshipped the sun.  The Egyptians worshipped Pharoah.  If you come between my daughter and her “My Little Pony” cartoon, you’ll quickly find out what she worships.  We were made to worship.  It’s how we are wired.
You may say, “I don’t worship anything.  I have no religious affiliation.  In fact, I’m an atheist.”  That may very well be, but I would contend that you are still a worshiper.  To “worship” is simply to ascribe value or worth towards something or someone in such a way that they are your chief focus, over and above any other competing foci.  If that’s the case, you could worship your car, your spouse, or even your Beanie Baby collection (although I’m not sure why you would).
The point is, we all worship.  Our interests may change, and we may replace one “god” for another, but our hearts are always pointed toward something we reverence.  Even if it’s ourselves, we all uphold something as worthy of our love and affection.  I suppose that when archaeologists dig up the remains of our civilization, for example, they will decide that we worshiped cash, entertainment, and a peculiar group of men called “One Direction”.
The question is, who do you worship?  What will they find when they dig you up?  What is the one thing that your whole life is centered around?  And what lesser gods are competing for its place?  Finally, is the object of your affection worthy of your worship?  When compared with all the other offerings, does it stand head and shoulders above the rest?  If not, ask yourself, “Self, have you settled for a lesser god?”  if you have, perhaps your worship should be directed toward something else. 
At LBC, we strive to worship the one true God, Who has made Himself known through Jesus Christ.  We seek to offer authentic worship in our words and deeds, and live gratefully before the One Who has saved our souls.  We want to encourage everyone in our midst to commit all they are to the Lord in everything.  Join us as we herald the coming King!
Bro. Jeremy